About The Honesdale Fire Department

The Honesdale Fire Department consists of four companies – Hose Company No. 1, Alert Hook and Ladder No. 2, Protection Engine Company No. 3, and Texas No. 4. As a whole we are entirely volunteer, serving approximately 10,500 citizens in a 48.53-square mile fire district.

The department’s fire district includes two boroughs and five surrounding townships. Our coverage area consists of an urbanized center within the Borough, including the Wayne County Courthouse, the Wayne Memorial Hospital, a number of retirement and assisted living facilities, summer camps, and many older storefronts, as well as a growing rural perimeter population.

Honesdale Fire Department provides unique features and new technology on fire apparatus, and increases fire safety through fire prevention programs. The department is active on a daily basis responding to not only structure fires, but also to natural disaster situations, helicopter landing zones, various rescue situations, automobile accidents, natural cover fires, locating lost persons, traffic control, and assisting police and ambulance personnel.

Each year the department is called to service nearly 400 times. Honesdale currently operates 3 engines, 2 ladders, 1 rescue, and two support units. Staffing these units are over eighty well-trained and certified volunteers. Countless hours each year are dedicated to fundraising and the protection of the community.