Knox Box Rapid Entry System

How Knox Boxes Work

Using One Master Key, the Knox Box allows The Honesdale Fire Department immediate access during an emergency to:

Fire Protection Systems

The Master Key

Each apparatus within The Honesdale Fire Department has a Knox KeySecure on board. The Knox KeySecure secures the master key and only releases it to an authorized user with their correct unique PIN code. Each KeySecure records all key events within an audit log providing full accountability for when/where/who released the master key.

The Benefits

Ensure Access

Assure rapid access into secured areas during emergencies.

Minimize Destruction

Eliminate needless, costly forced entry damage that may leave your property unsecured.

Reduce Injury

Minimized injuries caused by fire department forced entry operations.

Knox Boxes are Required in the Borough of Honesdale

In 2021, the Borough of Honesdale adopted the Rapid Entry Systems Ordinance requiring certain commercial and residential buildings to have a Knox Box Rapid Entry System installed for Fire Department access during an emergency.

While Knox Boxes are not required in surrounding municipalities, The Honesdale Fire Department strongly encourages their installation.

Order your Knox Box Today

When ordering any Knox product, please ensure location is set to Pennsylvania and department is set to Honesdale Fire Dept.

Frequently Asked Questions

A rapid entry system of secure lock boxes allowing fire personnel the ability to quickly enter a building, minimizing the chance of damage to the property or personnel.

A Knox Box can be purchased directly from The Knox Company Website by selecting the location of Pennsylvania and a department of Honesdale Fire Dept.

Knox Box Entry Systems are required on certain commercial and residential buildings in Honesdale Borough by Ordinance No. 701 adopted 1/4/2021.

The Honesdale Fire Department strongly encourages the use of Knox Box Rapid Entry Systems in all municipalities within its coverage area.

Any locked gates or driveways which allow access to a property should have a Knox Box placed on said access point to allow immediate emergency access to the property.

Knox boxes should contain labeled keys that are easily identifiable to the Honesdale Fire Department. All keys providing access into the property and to any locked areas within the property should be included.

For Example, Contents May Include:

  1. Main Entrance Door
  2. Alarm Room
  3. Mechanical Rooms and Sprinkler Control Rooms
  4. Electrical Rooms
  5. Special Keys to reset pull-stations or other fire protection devices
  6. Elevator Keys
  7. Padlock Keys

 The Honesdale Fire Department utilizes the Knox-Box® brand of system, and no other brand of system is currently supported.


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