Emergency Incident Pre-Planning

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Pre-Plans help the fire department have an early understanding of your home or business to more effectively serve you in an emergency.

Residential Pre-Plans

Residential Pre-Plans help the Fire Department plan for an incident in or around your home. These plans would include data like Contact information, Building Construction, Utility shutoff locations and more.

Commercial Pre-Plans

Commercial Pre-Plans help plan for an incident in or around your business. These plans would include data like Contact information, Hazardous Materials, Fire Protection Systems, and more.

What is an Incident Pre-Plan?

Pre-Planning is a joint venture between The Honesdale Fire Department and the Occupants/Owners of the property. An Incident Pre-Plan is a set of documents developed by gathering general and detailed data that is used by The Honesdale Fire Department in effectively managing emergencies for the protection of occupants, responding personnel, property, and the environment.

Pre-Plans Help Us Help You

Building Construction

Understanding the building construction helps us quickly make informed decisions on how to handle different emergencies.

Understand Building Layout

Floor plans assist us in understanding the layout of the building and locating key areas such as alarm panels and mechanical rooms.

Easy Access on Scene

All pre-plan information is available digitally for quick and easy access to authorized personnel on the incident scene. 

Occupancy Challenges

Early knowledge of physical or mental disabilities can greatly affect the preparedness of responders at an emergency incident.


Including pets in your pre-plan saves responders time by knowing how many pets should be located, and where they are normally kept.

Hazards to Responders

Early knowledge of hazardous materials on scene such as fuel tanks, solar panels, and other dangerous chemicals keeps us safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, simply fill out a form at the top of this page to begin creating a pre-plan with The Honesdale Fire Department.

Please Contact Us to discuss the possibility of a site visit.

No, it is not a requirement to submit a Pre-Plan.

Submitting a Pre-Plan is an optional step to assist The Honesdale Fire Department in preparing for an emergency at your location.

Honesdale Fire Department Incident Pre-Plans often include the following:

  • Company/Resident Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number
  • Emergency Contacts for the property
  • Access information such as door codes or Knox Box location and contents
  • Occupancy Classification (such as residential, commercial, Occupied, Vacant, etc.)
  • Aerial Photos of the site (Google Maps)
  • Number of stories, building dimensions, site plan, and floor plans
  • Building construction type and materials
  • Utilities and Shutoff Locations (Natural Gas, Electric, Oil, Propane, Solar)
  • Hazardous Materials present and location
  • Water Supply information (nearest water source)
  • Fire Alarm system information
  • Fire protection system information (extinguishers, sprinklers, etc.)
  • Elevator Information
  • Site Photos

No, Honesdale Fire Department Incident Pre-Plans are not considered public information and are only accessible by authorized personnel. 

Once Submitted, all incident pre-plans are stored digitally for easy access on scene when an emergency arises. 

Questions About Incident Pre-Planning?